Grand Opening! Tuesday May 13, 2014 5:30-7:30 Savannah’s Fresh Catch Seafood


Savannah’s Fresh Catch Seafood

1201 Habersham Street Savannah GA 31401


Hope and Craig Meeks, are Savannah area natives. Hope grew up on Henry Street and is excited about coming back to her childhood neighborhood to open their second seafood market, which is located on Habersham between Duffy and Henry Streets. She and Craig both attended The Bradwell Institute in Hinesville, GA. Later Hope went off to college at Georgia Southern University and Craig went to South Georgia College. They are passionate about Seafood and have their own boats for catching local crabs ! Their first seafood market is on the southside; SOUTHSIDE SHELLFISH. In addition to their children, the Meeks also have Blue Bear, a husky lab rescued dog. They attend St. Francis Cabrini church and are members of the Savannah Chamber of Commerce. When Craig is not preparing his famous CRAB STEW, he and Hope can be found out on the local golf courses, enjoying a few rounds in between keeping the 2 stores going ! Hope also serves on the Board of Directors for the local nonprofit charity: Kicklighter Resource Center of Savannah. They invite everyone to come check out the new store downtown in the Historic District 1201 Habersham Street Savannah GA 31401 or when on the Southside, drop in at Southside Shellfish at 9135 White Bluff Rd.

For more information, VIP PRESS PASS to these events, complete media kit, to schedule an interview, or speaking engagement with organization’s executives, or to volunteer, donate DOOR PRIZES, Sponsorships:
please contact Scott West at 912-509-4922, or on facebook or by email to:

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Vote for Keller Williams Realty…

Vote for Keller Williams Realty Savannah

Because unlike some politicos, Keller Williams Realty runs on its record. Check it out.

Vote Here.


Keller Williams Best Real Estate Company Savannah

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Ask Mr. Ed: How Does Price Range Affect My Buying or Selling Strategy?

Ask Mr. Ed is a Savannah Area Real Estate blog published by Ed Yannett of Keller Williams Realty,

Savannah home sales increased 6.8%  from the first quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014.  A total  of 1,091 homes sold.  However, the best way to approach the data is to find out how many houses sold in your price range. So let’s look at some figures and see how the market is developing in different price ranges.

Most Houses in $100k to $500k range
If you look at the first chart, you see that most of the houses that sold  — over 72%  — were priced over $100,000 and under $500,000. If the house you plan to sell or buy falls in that range the number of houses sold was up 8.6%  — even higher than the overall market. (Click on chart to enlarge.)

Savannah Home Sales Q1 2014

If you’re a seller, you have a better chance of selling your house quickly if you fall in that range, while if you’re a buyer you may have less negotiating power as buyers know the market is turning in their favor. Also, if the home you buy or sell is over $500,000, you may need to take a specialized approach to buying or selling your property.

Why Your Strategy Depends on Your Price Range
If you look at chart 2, you see the $100k to $199k market is the closest to balance (supply of over 6 to 7 months) and the $200k to $299k is next. Basically, these price ranges are shifting from a buyer’s to a seller’s market. So if you’re a buyer, you need to act faster to maximize your negotiating advantage and secure the best pricing. If you’re a seller, you should be encouraged as the odds of getting a peak price is improving each month.

Savannah Homes Months of SupplyHigher-Priced Homes Harder to Sell
As the price of the home increases, selling it becomes harder. It can take much longer — sometimes years. There are two key reasons for that. The first is straightforward: There are not as many buyers at higher price ranges. The second reason, not as obvious, is that more affluent buyers usually approach the home buying process a little differently.  As you see on the chart above, buyers have the upper hand when it comes to listing prices above $500,000. Sellers of luxury homes also have to approach the process differently. The main thing to keep in mind is you need a real estate professional who has specialized training and understanding of how to market Savannah area homes to more affluent buyers.

The Takeaway
When you review housing numbers, pay close attention to the figures and percentages for your price range. These numbers are more useful to you than the overall market trends. In other words, it helps to know if the Savannah homes in your price range are in a buyer’s, seller’s or balanced market. This allows you to price and negotiate more effectively. It also enables you to pinpoint the best time to buy or sell.


(Note from Ed: I’m launching a new website and blog focused on the Savannah area luxury home market. Stay tuned for details.)


Ed Yannett has been involved in some facet of the real estate industry for over 20 years. He rehabbed and sold his first house in Denver. After moving to Savannah, he renovated and sold dozens of properties throughout the Savannah area. He also owned and managed two large apartment complexes with 240 units.

After graduating from Metropolitan State University of Denver where he studied Economics, Finance and Real Estate, he worked as an executive recruiter. Ed launched his full-time real estate career in 2000 after moving to Savannah, his wife Lisa’s hometown. After renovating and selling his first property in the Savannah Historic District, he and Lisa purchased a house on Isle of Hope to raise a family.

Why Work with Ed?
Ed offers you something most realtors can’t. He has firsthand knowledge of all sides of a real estate deal – buying, selling, renovating, investing and financing. So whether you’re looking for the perfect home for yourself or your family, want to sell your property quickly, or are interested in generating investment income, he can provide you the expertise you need. Contact Ed at






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How Can I Make More By Listing My Home for Less?

(Ask Mr. Ed is a Savannah Area real estate blog by Ed Yannett of Keller Williams Realty. Please send him any questions you have and he’ll try and answer them in a future blog post. To learn more about Ed go to )

The key to making the most on your home sale is pricing it just right.

Some sellers wrongly assume that the best way to list their home is by pricing it as high as possible, but by doing this they actually end up making less on the sale. In contrast, if sellers start with the right price (even if it’s a little lower), they can sell the home faster (which saves money on carrying costs) and for a higher price.

Breaking It Down
I won’t bore you with all the math, but let me give you a few simple percentages that some experts (a lot smarter than me) have figured out by crunching a huge amount of data on houses that have sold.

Here’s what they found. For every 60 houses sold, the price on 48%, or nearly half, had to be reduced before the house sold. On average, the sellers only got about 89% of the list price and it took 215 days to sell the homes. That’s less than $178,000 on a $200,000 house.

The other half (52%) – the ones priced “just right” – sold in an average of 48 days, 4.5 times faster than the incorrectly priced houses. And, the best part – the sellers made an average of over 99% of the original list price. That means even if the seller listed the house for $190,000, he made more, $188,100, on the sale.

More Money
So without even factoring in carrying costs, like mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, maintenance and utilities, the seller has already made over $10,000 more on the sale of the house. However, once you add in the cost of not paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. for an additional five to six months, the amount pocketed comes out much higher.

Saving Money Savannah Home


Finding the “Just Right” Price
I know what you’re thinking. That’s great Ed, but how do I figure out the so called, “just right price.” I’ll be honest, it’s not always easy, but I have access to gobs of house selling data specific to the Savannah area market. My team and I spend hours combing through it to find the pricing sweet spot for our client’s homes.

I know it sounds a little counterintuitive, but the highest price is not always the best price. The best price is the price that enables you to make the most money in the shortest amount of time. Once your home lingers on the market too long or gets delisted and relisted at a lower price, it becomes harder to sell. Buyers perceive it has less value. However, if you can make the most of the first 60 days of your listing by starting with the “just right” original listing price, you’re positioning your home for a higher purchase price.

The Bottom Line
Let me sum it up this way. Your biggest decision when selling your house is the original listing price. It’s the key to selling it faster and for a higher price. If you’ve ever sold a house, you understand the frustration of it sitting on the market month after month. You put so many areas of your life on hold and extra dollars into a house you no longer want. Ultimately, you get tired and settle for much less than you could have received with the right original price.

If you have any questions about your “just right” listing price, give me a call or shoot me an email for a free, no-obligation pricing consultation.


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Have You Heard? IOH Sharks Swim Season 2014 Is Here!


IOH Sharks Swim Season 2014 is upon us!

You’re invited to a Kickoff Party / Parent Information meeting

Thursday, May 1st in Paxton Park (outside the pool gates) from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

We’ll have some cocktails and a few snacks and lots of information for old and new swimmers of all ages.

Please spread the word! We still have some openings on our Executive Committee -so go check out the ways you can be part of the fun and registration is now OPEN for Swim Season 2014 on our web page at

Practices begin May 19th, and our first swim meet is Monday, June 2nd at Wilmington Park!

You can view our meet schedule at or it can also be accessed through the calendar on our web page.

We are always in need of sponsors as well, so if you have a company or know of a company interested in sponsorships, the more sponsorships IOH Sharks have, the fewer costs that need to be passed along to our swimmers’ families.

Please email Ed for a copy of the sponsorship form

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I’m Voting for Keller Williams

I love working at Keller Williams and that’s why I’m voting it the best real estate company in Savannah. If you agree, vote now in the Savannah Morning News Reader’s Choice Awards.

If you’re still not sure, check out this chart. Or visit


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Rockstar Roofer: Roof Crafters Inc




Roof Crafters

912-920-4147 GA

843-342-9800 SC

TJ replaced the roof on my personal home. TJ also has given us many quotes on roof repairs and replacements for our clients.

TJ is very quick and reliable, he has been able to provide a quote same day and email to us in as little as 15 minutes!

Call TJ Krejci



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